How To Import Baby Furniture From China? Jan 14, 2022

If your business are planning to import baby furniture from China, this article maybe useful for you. China is the world's largest baby furniture exporter. Many baby furniture sellers import from China to buy furniture at wholesale factory prices.

baby furniture import export

Baby furniture imported from China is in growing demand for furniture dealers. Consumers appreciate the high quality and affordable prices of furniture made in China. Learn how to import furniture from China to grow your business.

Other places to buy furniture in China include:
Canton Fair, held in April and October.
China International Furniture Fair, held every March and every other September.

Sea freight shipping fee from Asia to the rest of the world hit new monthly highs every month from 2020 to 2021. From early 2021, furniture importers are not only facing record sea freight costs, but also having to deal with rising raw material prices.

Sea freight rates soar

The cost of raw materials such as wood has started to rise due to increasing demand for raw materials, coupled with increased money supply by central banks around the world. It is worth noting that rising sea freight and raw material prices are not unique to China, but are actually global issues affecting furniture manufacturers around the world.

For any furniture business looking to import furniture from China, what you need to know is that China is good at mass production. If your company online/offline sales business has warehouse capacity to receive container loaded inventory. You can turn your inventory quickly, your company is perfectly suitable for importing baby furniture from China.

Once you decide to import baby furniture from China, the next thing you need to know is how to import baby furniture from China. Your business can use an agency. You can contact a local freight forwarder or customs clearance company, they will solve your problem.

Generally, for most countries, the process goes like this: When your baby furniture consignment (shipment) arrives - assuming your furniture is by sea - you will need to arrange customs clearance and delivery. Usually, this is handled by the freight forwarding company you choose before.

In this section, we will tell you the steps to import furniture from China!

1)Looking for Chinese suppliers/factories

2)minimum order quantity(MOQ)

3)Calculate import costs


5)Contract of purchase

1)Looking for Chinese suppliers/factories
The first thing you need to do is find an experienced factory. Finding the right factory is critical! If you find the right factory, you will get reasonable price, good quality, good lead time, good service, good cooperation and finally good results!

After selecting several factories, the next step will be to audit them. Auditing these factories will help you discover who they are, what capabilities they have, what equipment and processes they have, etc.

2)minimum order quantity(MOQ)
You need to know the minimum order quantity for each model of furniture, which varies by furniture supplier. After getting the quotation, you can also communicate the price with the factory. Typically ordering one container load from one factory, it's quite normal for them to be able to provide between 2-3 different items to fill your container.

3)Calculate import costs
You need to know the shipping and local fees you will be charged. This includes ocean freight, local port and handling charges in your country, and truck/delivery charges from port to your warehouse. These fees vary with monthly ocean freight charges.

Before placing an order, you can ask for samples to check the quality of the baby furniture.

5)Contract of purchase
The first important thing to do when purchasing baby furniture from China is to make sure that a purchasing contract is signed. The purchase contract should contain the following:
Clear payment terms
Furniture specifications, including product, packaging, instructions
Order amount
Agreed quality standards
Payment terms

The payment method will vary in different situations and can be negotiated with the supplier.

When you ship imported furniture, unless you ship it by air (imported furniture is too expensive), your baby furniture will be shipped by sea in containers. Furniture is usually wrapped and then packed in cardboard boxes for shipping. Cargo shipped overseas are packed in 20 by 40 foot containers.

Most importers let the freight company handle the logistics/shipping of the furniture. When the container arrives at the importer's local port, the freight forwarder will confirm with the furniture importer and arrange customs clearance and coordinate delivery.

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