Bunk Bed Sourcing and Buying Guide Feb 13, 2023

A bunk bed is a primary choice for kids to provide space in a fun way. They are highly customizable, available in numerous styles, and allow users to adjust kids even in tight spaces. The bunk bed imparts several advantages, such as space for younger children, kids of various ages, or hosting the guests' kids.

Decided to have a bunk bed for your children at home? Congratulations! Remember that choosing a bunk bed is quite far from ordinary furniture due to its characteristics. Cheer up! We will lead you to discover, check, and buy a beautiful bunk bed to fit the space. For example, your kids' style, and, most importantly, your budget.

Let's move on to the details of types, features, materials, and Bunk bed sourcing and buying guide.

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What Is A Bunk Bed?

In simple words, a bunk bed is one in which two small (different sizes) beds are put together on top of one another. The primary reason is to create a space for two people for sleeping purposes on top and bottom. Available in various sizes (according to the children's age), materials (plastic, wood, metal), and customization features. The best use is in small homes having tight spaces and dormitories. In a nutshell, they are the perfect space-saving solution for kids and guests.

What Makes A Good Bunk Bed?

The bunk bed looks quite identical, but differ by several factors. After all, you must consider some essential factors, for example, the room's dimensions, use for how many kids, budget, and suitable material. It's only sometimes good to have an expensive bunk bed as it's not the surety for a good one.

A good bunk bed should come within your budget and offer customized solutions for your kids/guests. Should be crafted from top-quality material, eco-friendly, and imparts long-lasting performance. Offered and crafted by talented artisans and woodworkers (brand).

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Types of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are not traditional nowadays, and different types have been introduced to the requirements of modern homes. The biggest challenge is to provide all the facilities to sleep, work, store, and sit in a bunk bed. These days, innumerable types are available; however, we are sharing the top ones in the following:

1. Twin-over-Twin Bunk Beds

They are known as standard bunk beds and are mostly used by homeowners. The dimensions and configuration are standard. Namely, they consist of twin beds (39 x 75 inches) kept on top of each other. It's used to adjust two kids having similar ages. Don't worry!

2. Twin-over-Full Bunk Beds

In this type, the full-size bed has a twin bed on the top. The twin-size bed dimensions are the same as mentioned above, but the full-size is 54 x 75 inches. It's most popular when you want to accommodate twins and keep the top spare for the guest. It’s beneficial to accommodate teenagers and adults simultaneously. In particular, the shape provides a more stable structure and is different from the typical presentation.

3. Full-over-Full Bunk Beds

It's perfect for accommodating more children in two full-size (54 x 75 inches) bunk beds. Suitable for mid-size families and when you don't want to use wider beds. They help provide some extra space with increased safety rails and more. Lastly, you don't need to worry that your children will grow out of this bed. Yeah! It's enough for several years, sturdy, and is a perfect bed for small homes.

4. Loft Beds

Loft beds are useful when the room has little space for sitting and storage. In this type, the bed is elevated to a specific height, and the ground space is used for storage or study area, whatever you need. Moreover, it can be utilized to keep another bed when it's needed in the future. When you don't have a space issue, we recommend you go with this bed.

5. Futon Bunk Beds

It provides a combination of leisure and sleeping space. A couch is at the bottom, and a bunk bed is stacked at a certain height. The space can be used for leisure, playing with other kids, storage (sometimes), and watching TV.

6. Others

Some uncommon types of bunk beds are:

● L-shaped Bunk Beds: This type includes two twin beds. They are placed at right angles.

● Standard Bunk Bed: Two twin-size beds with mattresses and a ladder,

● Trundle Bunk Bed: They include extra-size twin bed and can be separated if needed.

● Triple Bunk Beds: Consists of three beds of middle and twin size.

● Deck Bunk Beds: Such beds have a built-in desk to provide a study area for the kid.

Sourcing and Other Buying Considerations of Bunk Beds

When you have decided to have a bunk bed at home, it might be overwhelming because it's different from an ordinary bed. After spending several years in this field, we have shared the important considerations for buying guides and sourcing. Let's explore!

● Sourcing of Bunk Bed

Before buying, make sure to think about where you want to source it. Our point of concern is the delivery mode, whether you want to purchase online or by visiting a furniture store. It's good to buy online because online stores offer more variety and discounts. Moreover, the extended warranty, easy payment methods, and other perks make shopping easier.

● Manufacturing Material

Bunk beds are made with three different types of materials, i.e., All-wood, All-metal, or a combination of wood & metal. Wooden beds are famous for durability but are heavier in weight. Likewise, metal beds are portable and lightweight. Do you want our suggestion? We recommend you always go for wooden bunk beds because they are valued for your money. Besides everything, they are long-lasting, give more stability, have no rust issues, and are better overall than other materials.

● Common Features

Consider the special features according to your kids' demands, such as storage area, playing features, and study space. The latest bunk beds offer slides, a separate storage space, underneath storage, and more. We recommend you choose wisely depending on the space and the kid's desire.

● Bunk Bed Style

Available in several styles, from traditional to modern beds. Does your kid like ladder type or stairs with a bed? Yes, the choice is in your hands. Likewise, different colors of wood, metal paints, safety features, and all this come under style. Whatever the kid chooses, you will find plenty of choices for styles.

● Safety Features

Kids' safety is more important than everything because they can't care for themselves while sleeping. Make sure to look at basic safety features such as footboards, headboards, guardrails, and more. Observe your child's habits and choose a bunk bed with all the safety features.

● Type of Bunk Beds

There are several types of bunk beds, as described above. Therefore, make a list considering all the factors such as room space, budget, etc. After that, pick up the most suitable type according to the list. Usually, people like twin-over-twin and standard bunk beds.

● Cost Consideration

Bunk bed prices vary according to features, brands, materials, and other factors. Don't think that only expensive bunk beds will fulfill your needs. It's a good idea to list your kid's requirements and pick up a bunk bed that comes under your budget with all the required features.

● Portability

Suppose you want to change the child's room; here comes the portability. The latest bunk bed models have transformation features to move them from one place to another. Therefore, consider the portability if there is a need for a changing room or place.

● Stairs vs. Ladder Bunk Beds

Bunk beds come with two climbing features, i.e., stairs or ladders. A ladder might be your primary choice if your child is intelligent enough. It's safe and saves your space. Otherwise, the stair option is good for open-space rooms where minimal portability is required.

● Height Between Beds and Ceiling

The height of the bed matters because children grow day by day. Two beds must be separated at a height so the child can easily sit under the upper bed. Likewise, there must be a reasonable height between the child's head and the ceiling. These features ensure safety and do not give an awkward feeling to the room.

● Color

Does the color really matter? Yes, when you are conscious about home decor, you must consider the color. It's good to buy a bunk bed of the same color or an elegant contrast with the room's theme. Need to know more about what color to choose? Our white bunk beds are the most popular and have numerous positive customer reviews. The white bed always looks good and can be matched with any home theme color.

● Installation and Disassembly

Last, installation must be easy because no one wants to spend money on installation. It also helps dismantle it anytime you want, whether changing the room or storing it for later use.

Where To Buy A Bunk Bed?

It's the parents' most important but confusing question because infinite stores offer bunk beds. Don't panic! Craftchildren is authentic, trusted, and a one-window shopping stop for all kinds of bunk beds for your kids. They offer top-rated services and bunk beds made up of top-quality material. Only think a little, as you will not find such a trusted place for kid's shopping.


Bunk beds are the best addition to home decor for parents. Give your children a luxurious space for living, sleeping, and working. They are space-saving, budgeted, and offer a lot of features. However, don't go blindly; consider the options wisely, and buy according to your needs and requirements. We hope the mentioned considerations and tips will help you get a good bunk bed. Cheer up and make your kids happy!