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 Hefei Craft Child Product Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that produces and sells wooden baby cribs, kids wooden bed, house bed, bunk bed and baby dining chairs series products to many countries all over the world. Our company established in 2001, the main products provided include multipurpose solid wood baby cribs, baby bassinets, house bed, bunk bed, baby bedding, baby mattresses, baby mosquito nets, and wooden baby dining chairs. OEM and ODM Orders are welcome. Our factory is located in the Qian Ren Bridge Town, Shucheng County, Luan City, Anhui Province, China. The factory covers an area of 200 acres of land ,with more than 200 workers. The annual sales of more than 200,000 sets of cribs, bedding, kids beds and other baby products are well received by customers. We accept small to large quantity of solid wood furniture wholesale. We have advanced professional production equipment at home and abroad with an annual output of 200,000 baby cribs, and 2 existing automatic assembly lines, 1 automatic wood coating line, several automatic CNC milling machines, automatic CNC slot milling machines, automatic CNC double-head tenoning machines, 50 advanced equipment such as cutting, drilling, sanding and related supporting facilities. We have near 20 years of experience in the production of wooden baby furniture. We provide customers with high-quality wooden baby furniture with ingenious design, strict selection of materials, competitive prices, and sincere and thoughtful after-sales service. Meanwhile, we also provide customization services to valued customers with their different requirements. Our company is constantly striving to innovate, gradually expanding the range of products and markets, and constantly improving and perfecting products to meet the needs of many customers. Create practical and safe products, reduce the trouble of parenting and care for parents, and bring good sleep for babies and parents all night.
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The factory covers an area of 200 acres of land
More than 200 professional workers
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Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. is a professional Wood furniture manufacturer that produces and sells wooden baby cribs, dining chairs series and kids wooden bed products to many countries all over the world.
Why Choose Us
Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. is a professional Wood furniture manufacturer that produces and sells wooden baby cribs, dining chairs series and kids wooden bed products to many countries all over the world.
  • 20 Years Experience
    20 Years Experience
    We have nearly 20 years of experience in the production and sales of wood furniture products. With superior quality, reasonable price and sincere service, it is loved and trusted by consumers all over the world.
  • Large Factory
    Large Factory
    We have a large factory with advanced professional production equipment specializing in the production of wooden furniture. The factory covers an area of 200 acres of land, with more than 200 workers.
  • Good Quality
    Good Quality
    All of our wood furniture products meet/exceeds Australia/NewZealand, Europe/British, accord with EN and AS/NZS standards. All of baby products are guaranteed within 24 months for any quality problems.
  • Customized Service
    Customized Service
    With competitive price, high quality and sincere service, we can provide OEM/ODM customized service, like customized your logo, product size, color,shipping mark and so on.
  • Professional Team
    Professional Team
    We have our own professional product development team and experienced sales team to serve customers, we are more like a big warm family.
  • Quick Response
    Quick Response
    After contacting us, our international sales will reply your email as soon as possible. Or you can directly call us through the phone.
Products Category
  • Natural Wooden Baby Crib
    Natural Wooden Baby Crib
    As the leading crib manufacturer, Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd offers gorgeous, non-toxic and eco-friendly natural baby wooden cribs wholesale to choose from. Wholesale bulk custom cribs with competitive price. Our cribs have solid wood construction with non-toxic finishes and beautiful designs, they are multifunctional. Let cute baby sleep more peacefully. As a professional baby crib company in China, we pride ourselves on setting the highest industry standards for quality and safety. Our wooden crib is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, designed to provide a safe and stylish haven for your baby. At Clafbebe, we adhere to strict safety regulations and quality control measures, ensuring that every crib meets our unwavering commitment to excellence. Retailers and distributors can elevate their inventory by partnering with Clafbebe, one of the top baby crib suppliers offering competitive wholesale prices. Our dedication to delivering premium wooden cribs at attractive wholesale rates sets us apart from other crib companies and manufacturers. By choosing Clafbebe as your crib supplier, you align with a reputable crib company dedicated to unparalleled craftsmanship and safety.
    Natural Wooden Baby Crib
  • Painting Baby Wood Crib
    Painting Baby Wood Crib
    Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. manufacture beautifully designed painting wood baby cribs that feature modern and retro styles. Our newborn wood crib comply with current safety standards. They are made of sustainable New Zealand pine wood with a non-toxic finish. Our wooden cribs are cute and easy to assemble. Wholesale our solid, eco-friendly newborn baby wood cribs. We look forward to long-term partnership with you!
    Painting Baby Wood Crib
  • Europe Baby Bed
    Europe Baby Bed
    We have newest modern European style baby wood crib with multi design and sizes. Our European style baby crib are safe, sturdy, high quality, and versatile. There are some basic types of cribs for you to choose. Wholesale our stylish baby bed at competitive factory prices, sample available.
    Europe Baby Bed
  • Baby Bassinet
    Baby Bassinet
    Introducing the Baby Bassinet by Clafbebe - the leading bassinet manufacturer based in China. With over 20 years of experience in the production of wooden baby furniture, Clafbebe is committed to providing high-quality and safe products for babies and parents. The ingenious design and strict material selection of our custom bassinets guarantee a practical and safe sleeping environment for your little one. Our bassinets are spacious, providing ample room for babies to sleep comfortably. As a reputable bassinet/co-sleeper brand in the industry, Clafbebe offers a wide range of customization options to meet the unique requirements of our valued customers. If you are looking for a wholesale baby bassinet for your retail business, you're in the right place! Our factory, located in Anhui Province, China, spans across 200 acres of land and employs over 200 professional workers. With state-of-the-art production equipment, including automatic assembly lines and CNC milling machines. At Clafbebe, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. That's why we offer competitive prices and sincere, thoughtful after-sales support. We strive to reduce the troubles of parenting by creating practical and safe products that promote a good night's sleep for both babies and parents. Experience the quality and craftsmanship of Clafbebe's baby bassinets. Choose Clafbebe - your trusted bassinet manufacturer.
    Baby Bassinet
  • Wooden Baby Chair
    Wooden Baby Chair
    Our wooden baby high chair has many thoughtful features, such as convertible three-point and five-point seat belts, multiple height adjustment options, and tray removal capabilities. The tray is easy to clean. When designing our high chairs, safety is always the first priority. There are plenty of baby feeding chairs with different materials, colors and styles for you to choose.
    Wooden Baby Chair
  • Bunk Bed
    Bunk Bed
    Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. has latest bunk bed styles and designs for wholesale. We manufacture and export all kinds of bunk beds online. Our space-saving wooden bunk bed is attractive and functional. With the help of safe guardrails and movable ladders, children can play and sleep in their beloved upper bunk bed. Parents can also convert the bunk bed into two single beds. The headboard is the children's bookshelf for storing their favorite books, toys or dolls.
    Bunk Bed
  • House Bed
    House Bed
    Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. manufacture all kinds of kids house bed to wholesale in bulk. Different styles and designs are loved by our worldwide customers. Our wood house bed provides comfort for children, these beds are fun and attractive to children.
    House Bed
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We mainly manufacture and export wooden baby cribs, chairs and kids wooden bed series products to many countries all over the world.
What Clients Say
Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that produces and sells wooden baby cribs, kids wooden bed, house bed, bunk bed and baby dining chairs series products to many countries all over the world.
I ordered 2×40 HC container baby wood cribs. The wholesale price is very cheap and the delivery is very fast. At first, I was worried about whether the quality of the product would be good. So I ordered samples to check the quality. I was surprised after receiving the crib. The quality is very good and the customer feedback is also very good.
George S.

– George S.

It’s so surprised! After reading their website, we ordered 500pcs wooden cribs from them, and customized our own logo and product color. Their sales service is very good, and they answered a lot of questions seriously and responsibly. Due to good customer feedback, we ordered another 1000pcs.
Patricia Kate

– Patricia Kate

I compared several stores and finally chose this one. Their customer service is very good. I also visited their factory in China in 2019 and watched the whole production process. The product quality is very good. After I went back, I ordered 2000pcs solid wood crib and baby chairs, our customers love it.
James H.

– James H.