• Our New Model Convertible Pine Wood Crib WBB X1
    Our New Model Convertible Pine Wood Crib WBB X1 Oct 27, 2021
    Recently, we released a new product, baby multifunctional crib WBB X1, it’s also a convertible crib. This baby wooden cot bed is very popular in Asia. Some customers in Southeast Asia have already placed orders, quantities are ranging from 50pcs to 40HQ container. Product Description: - Made of solid new zealand pine wood, smooth and without burrs - This infant crib can be attached to a large bed - The head of the new born baby bed can be lengthened - With 3 mattress adjustable height positions - With large storage space and movable wheels - It can convert into a comfortable toddler bed, playbed and desk as your child grows Specifications: Product Size: 106*64*102cm(small size) / 122*71*102cm(large size) Packaging Size: 112*67*15cm(small size) / 126*65*20cm(large size) Our Company: Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that produces and sells wooden baby cribs, kids wooden bed, house bed, bunk bed and baby dining chairs series products to many countries all over the world. Our company established in 2001, the main products provided include multipurpose solid wood baby cribs, baby bassinets, house bed, bunk bed, baby bedding, baby mattresses, baby mosquito nets, and wooden baby dining chairs. OEM and ODM Orders are welcome. Our factory is located in the Qian Ren Bridge Town, Shucheng County, Luan City, Anhui Province, China. The factory covers an area of 200 acres of land ,with more than 200 workers. The annual sales of more than 200,000 sets of cribs, bedding, kids beds and other baby products are well received by customers. We accept small to large quantity of solid wood furniture wholesale. We have near 20 years of experience in the production of wooden baby furniture. We provide customers with high-quality wooden baby furniture with ingenious design, strict selection of materials, competitive prices, and sincere and thoughtful after-sales service. Meanwhile, we also provide customization services to valued customers with their different requirements. Our Wholesale Business: You can send email to us or choose product from our website and send free inquiry, let us know how many quantity you need. You can also choose our furniture style and add your own logo, or send us your own design, we will manufacture the same furniture product as you want. We look forward to long-term business with you!
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  • The difference between baby bassinet and crib
    The difference between baby bassinet and crib May 07, 2021
    When parents prepare newborn supplies for their babies, they may wonder whether to buy a bassinet or a crib. Newborn babies can sleep in these two types of beds, but there are some differences. The bassinet and the crib are mainly different in the following points: 1. The size of the occupied space and the ease of movement: the crib is much larger than the bassinet and requires more space; the bassinet is relatively small and suitable for small rooms. 2. Height: The baby bassinet is usually designed to be relatively high. Parents don’t need to bend over when they put the baby in the bassinet. It will be easier for mothers who have a C-section. The crib height is relatively lower, and the guardrail beside the bed is relatively high. Put the baby on the bed. 3. Convenience of movement: The crib is not as convenient as a bassinet to move. Many bassinets are designed with wheels, and the placement position is more flexible. When parents take a nap or sleep at night, the baby can get closer to themselves, making it more convenient to observe at any time. To the baby's situation. 4. Function: Most baby cribs are made of wood and have no special functions, but some baby bassinets are specially designed with some functions, such as playing music or shaking and soothing the baby to sleep. 5. Use time & cost performance: From the price point of view, the bassinet is usually much cheaper than the crib, but the bassinet is generally suitable for use in the months before the baby is born. As the baby grows up, it needs to be replaced with a larger bed. In comparison, cribs are more expensive, but babies can sleep from birth to several years old, especially convertible cribs, which can also be converted into cribs. In the long run, cribs are more cost-effective than bassinets.
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  • 2021 the launching ceremony of the 8th Orange Heart Camp
    2021 the launching ceremony of the 8th Orange Heart Camp Mar 18, 2021
    A few days ago, our company Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. and other companies participated in the launching ceremony of the 8th Orange Heart Camp and held a very exciting Floor curling competition together. Curling is an interesting development activity that not only inspires everyone's spirit of unity and cooperation for victory, but also enhances the feelings between colleagues. Activity Time: 2021.03.12 Event Venue: Xinwencai Exhibition Hotel Floor Curling is a game that combines collective strength and intelligence through teamwork. It is also a sport that requires individual skills and team tactics. The rules of the competition are the same as curling. It is a sport suitable for all people to participate in. It is suitable for people of all ages and different abilities. In this game, we played very happily, and finally won the second place. Floor Curling Rules: 1.  Each team has 8 curling balls, and the two sides use alternate pitching for the game; 2.  The division of labor for each team member: at least 8 pot pitchers; 3.  Each round is subject to 5 rounds of the two sides. In the end, the points obtained in the 5 rounds will be used as the evaluation criterion; 4.  In each round, both sides use the guessing method to determine the attacker and the defender; 5.  At the round base, you can have your own player's benchmarking to guide the pitcher to throw the pot, but no one can touch the pot during the journey, and if there is any touch, the pot is considered out of bounds; 6.  The pot thrower must throw the pot over the defensive line or the pot is exactly on the defensive line as valid, otherwise the pot is deemed out of the game; 7. The pitcher must throw the pot after the pitching line; Floor curling competition process
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  • How to choose best chair for baby?
    How to choose best chair for baby? Feb 03, 2021
    If parents want to free your hands and develop a good dining habit for your baby, then baby dining chair is definitely indispensable. The role of baby dining chair: 1. Usually the baby can slowly add supplementary food in June. At this time, the baby's spine is still very fragile and cannot sit for a long time. Choosing a dining chair that can adjust the semi-recumbent can not only protect the baby's spine, but also quickly help the baby transition from exclusive breast milk to the complementary feeding stage. 2. Help the baby develop the habit of sitting in the dining chair to eat, let him know that it is time to eat when sitting in the dining chair, and do not play while eating, help the baby to distinguish the boundary between play and eating 3. The baby sits in the dining chair, the body is controlled, more concentration will be put on food, and the baby will become more and more interested in eating. Introduction to the types of common newborn dining chairs 1. Divided according to material: metal or plastic children's dining chair, wooden children's dining chair At present, most baby dining chairs on the market are made of metal or plastic materials, and most of them are basic high chair designs. The bracket part of the dining chair will use metal material, while the seat and tray are usually made of plastic material. The price of this kind of children's dining chair is generally lower than that of pure wooden baby dining chair, and the weight is relatively lighter, and it is also very convenient to fold and store. Wooden baby high chairs often use pure wood, which looks very tall in appearance, and the price will naturally be higher. One of the biggest advantages of wooden baby eating chairs is that they are very durable. Some brands of wooden children's dining chairs can also be converted into children's seats. 2. Divided according to function: full-function children dining chair, portable children dining chair The full-function children dining chair is also the high chair we often say. It usually has wheels, detachable trays, and adjustable height and inclination seats. This kind of dining chair for baby is more suitable for use at home. The portable children dining chair is more suitable for traveling or taking your baby to a restaurant for dinner. It saves more space than ordinary high chairs, and can be easily folded and placed in the trunk of the car or directly on the body. There is also a portable children dining chair with its own hook, which can be hooked on the dining table or tied to an ordinary chair, saving space to the utmost. Precautions for choosing children's dining chairs Before purchasing children's dining chairs, we mainly consider the following aspects: safety Comfort Practicality 1. Safety is considered from the aspects of material and stability. Choose a stable and wide base. The bottom material should be non-slip, and it can be locked if required by wheels. If it is wooden, it must be free of burrs. If it is a plast...
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  • 2018 Alibaba Procurement Festival Launch Ceremony - HeFei Craft Child Co.Ltd.
    2018 Alibaba Procurement Festival Launch Ceremony - HeFei Craft Child Co.Ltd. Feb 03, 2021
    On September 1, 2018.Our big family of HeFei Craft Child Products Co, Ltd. held the launch ceremony of the Alibaba Procurement Festival . HeFei Craft Child Products Co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer of baby bed,baby crib ,baby cot,baby cradle,and other baby furniture. We have exported to more than 90 countries and zones,and our baby bed,baby crib ,baby furniture are the most welcomed products.. In the past six months. Craft Child has exported our baby bed,baby crib ,baby cot,baby cradle,and other baby furniture to the United States, Russia, Malaysia, the Middle East and many other countries and regions.With the continuous development of our society, people are increasingly concerned about the development of baby products. Because every parent is willing to give everything to the healthy growth of their children. We are a factory focused on baby products. We use imported pine from New Zealand as a raw material to replace the previous metal materials. This material is safe and reliable, which is more conducive to the safe and healthy growth of your baby. Our cribs can be versatilely adjusted: for example, the height of the bed can be adjusted. The crib has casters that can be rotated 360 degrees and can be combined with adults to make it easier for mothers to take care of the baby. Our products have EN71.EN76 and other quality certifications. In the future, we will apply for other international certifications, and we will continue to improve the quality of our products and the quality of after-sales services. I hope that we can bring a baby cot to the mothers around the world that can grow up with the baby. We will provide quality goods and supreme service to importers who make baby products. Thank you for reading, I hope we can build a long-term cooperation!
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