Our Brand Logo Changed Jun 08, 2022

With the continuous development and growth of the company, we have ushered in the upgrade of the brand image and replaced a brand new logo clafbebe. The replacement of the logo also marks that we are moving towards a more professional stage.

logo upgrade

Our company Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. is an international manufacturer of baby beds and children's products, aiming to provide safe, scientific and comprehensive guardian services for parents and children.

Let me introduce to you our new logo. Our new logo is composed of upper, middle and lower parts. The color is also changed from green to yellow-green. Through the expression of such vibrant colors, our brand image of healthy, vitality, sunshine and high-end is enhanced, and we aim to create a warm, safe and reliable sleeping environment for children.


The upper structure of our logo evolved from the original shape of the crib. Most of the original cribs were made of wood, which were made of wooden strips, called "cradles". At the same time, this rafter-shaped structure is reflected in the structure of many crib products. The upper graphic structure evolved from the design is like a "crown", which means giving children the highest life expectancy. Although the bed is a small place for children, it is also the safest, most reliable and wonderful place for them to roam freely. Such a place can be called a "spiritual fortress" for children, and the abstract form of "castle" can be presented through design.

The lower structure of our logo is a smiling mouth shape. The upper and lower parts are connected as a whole by the big C in the middle, so that the initial letter C of the brand keyword Claf can be displayed, and at the same time, the smile is more contagious.

clafbebe logo

We are China professional manufacturer that produces and sells wooden baby cribs, kids wooden bed, house bed, bunk bed and baby dining chairs series products to many countries all over the world. "Guarding the wonderful dreams of babies" is the core value of our company's corporate culture and products.