The difference between baby bassinet and crib May 07, 2021
When parents prepare newborn supplies for their babies, they may wonder whether to buy a bassinet or a crib. Newborn babies can sleep in these two types of beds, but there are some differences.
baby bassinet and crib
The bassinet and the crib are mainly different in the following points:

1. The size of the occupied space and the ease of movement: the crib is much larger than the bassinet and requires more space; the bassinet is relatively small and suitable for small rooms.

2. Height: The baby bassinet is usually designed to be relatively high. Parents don’t need to bend over when they put the baby in the bassinet. It will be easier for mothers who have a C-section. The crib height is relatively lower, and the guardrail beside the bed is relatively high. Put the baby on the bed.

3. Convenience of movement: The crib is not as convenient as a bassinet to move. Many bassinets are designed with wheels, and the placement position is more flexible. When parents take a nap or sleep at night, the baby can get closer to themselves, making it more convenient to observe at any time. To the baby's situation.

4. Function: Most baby cribs are made of wood and have no special functions, but some baby bassinets are specially designed with some functions, such as playing music or shaking and soothing the baby to sleep.

5. Use time & cost performance: From the price point of view, the bassinet is usually much cheaper than the crib, but the bassinet is generally suitable for use in the months before the baby is born. As the baby grows up, it needs to be replaced with a larger bed. In comparison, cribs are more expensive, but babies can sleep from birth to several years old, especially convertible cribs, which can also be converted into cribs. In the long run, cribs are more cost-effective than bassinets.

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