What types of baby cribs can you choose? Sep 18, 2021

In this post, we'll introduce to you types of cribs you can choose.

There are two main types of cribs: standard and convertible. The standard crib is like this, the basic crib with a base and four sides can protect your little baby and serve as a comfortable sleeping area.

The convertible cribs that are becoming more and more common nowadays come in a variety of styles, and you can convert them into different types of beds as your child grows. The 3-in-1 goes from a crib to a sofa bed to a crib; 4-in-1 adds the ability to convert to a full-size bed by using a head and footrest with a separately purchased bed rail and larger mattress. Most cribs, whether convertible or otherwise, can be adjusted to two to three heights, so you can gradually lower it as your child grows and stands independently.

convertible cribs

In the long run, convertible cribs can help budget-conscious parents save some money because they can use cribs far beyond the age of babies and toddlers.

In addition to standard and convertible types, you can also choose other types of cribs, including cradles and bassinets.

The portable bassinet is suitable for use while traveling. They are usually very light and can be folded up, so you can easily carry them as needed. More importantly, you may find that despite the cuteness of the nursery, your baby may sleep in your room for the first few months. If you don't want to sleep with others, a cradle next to the bed is a convenient way to look after the baby and make night care/feeding easier.

portable bassinet

If you plan to let your baby sleep in the room with you for at least the first few months, then using a cradle is a good choice so that your baby can be nearby, but you don't have to sleep in the bed with you. Many cradles can be used for babies 3-5 months old, depending on their weight and size. Some cradles can be rocked or have wheels, so they can be easily moved from one room to another. Some models can even fold or rotate, so you can let your baby lie down parallel to you, and rotate him when needed in the middle of the night to easily pick him up. It comes with mattresses and sheets, so you don't need to buy anything else to get started.

The multi-purpose crib includes drawers and storage space under or on the side, which is ideal if you live in a small home or if the nursery is very small. Some are indispensable cribs with dressing tables, including several shelves and drawers, and sometimes even a changing table on top. It does not need to purchase a diaper table or dressing table separately, which can help you save room space.

multi-purpose crib