How to train babies to sleep in cribs? Mar 02, 2021
How to train the baby to sleep in the crib? Sleeping in a crib is conducive to cultivating an independent spirit, and it can also avoid potential dangers in sleep. So in order for the baby to develop the habit of sleeping alone in the crib, how should parents train the baby to sleep in the crib?

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First, let the child sleep by himself from the beginning. In fact, in the hospital, babies sleep in their own cribs after they are born. It's the same at home, it's nothing special. It's just that when the child sleeps alone in the infant stage, the mother will be more worried. Because breastfeeding, whether breast milk or milk powder, must be taken out, and then put back after feeding. This process is really torturous in the middle of the night. But when you think about it, it takes only half an hour or an hour, and the parents can sleep peacefully for the remaining few hours.
Second, even though the child sleeps on his own, what parents should worry about is still to worry about. For example, you need to check whether the diaper is full or not, and if the child is moving, the parents need to see what is wrong with him. And comfort is needed. In addition, after feeding, especially those who drink the bottle, after drinking, put the child down and observe it for a while, lest the child's milk flows back and chokes. Parents can also buy a baby bassinet or crib with tilt function, And the bassinet for baby is tiltable design. This tiltable design makes it easier for parents to feed the baby, and the tilt angle can effectively prevent the baby from vomiting milk.
Third, many people do not want to sleep in separate beds. One is convenient for breastfeeding, and the other is convenient for covering. If the baby sleeps alone, it is inconvenient for the mother to wake up frequently at night to feed. Parents also have to worry about crushing the baby and not sleeping well. In fact, sleeping separately is better for the child’s breathing, and it can also prevent the baby from being pressed, and the baby will not urinate into the bed where the adult sleeps. The crib sheets and bedding are small and easy to clean.
And the most important point, sleeping separately, adults and children can sleep comfortably, especially adults. Parents can also buy a crib with the side rail that can be opened and put down, and attached the crib to the adult's bed, which is very convenient for parents to take care of the child at night and feed the child.
In short, parents should pay more time and patience to train baby to sleep in cribs. The baby sleeps separately from his parents, which can exercise his independence from an early age. Some people say that as soon as I put down the child, he cried, is it because he doesn't like sleeping in a crib? In fact, you think too much. If baby cry, he will cry everywhere. Most of the reasons for crying are hot or cold, hungry, peeing, unhappy, bored, and it has nothing to do with where the child sleeps.