How to pick a best crib for your newborn baby? Mar 08, 2021
After having a baby, every mother needs to consider whether to let the baby sleep by itself or with the mother. Although letting the baby sleep with the mother can facilitate the mother to breastfeed and establish a close parent-child relationship, it is best to prepare a cot for the baby for safety reasons. So how should parents choose a suitable crib for their babies?
For mothers-to-be or novice mothers, buying a newborn crib requires careful homework, otherwise it may directly cause the crib that was bought at a high price to be impractical and unused. A safe, reliable and practical crib can guarantee your baby's safety and good sleep.

What are the benefits of baby sleeping in a crib alone?

① The crib space is relatively small, which can enhance the baby's sense of security.
② It helps to ensure the sleep quality of babies and parents.
③ When the baby sleeps in the crib, it can also prevent being accidentally pressed by the parents when it turns over. It may also be blocked by a pillow or quilt and cause suffocation.

Therefore, parents can put the crib next to the big bed, which will not hinder the care of the baby, but also ensure their own sleep.

Next, I will share with you 7 factors that need to be paid attention to when choosing a baby crib.

1. Material
There are many kinds of cribs on the market, such as wood, bamboo, and rattan. It is recommended that parents choose wood, especially pine and fir.
The pine wood is relatively soft, even if the baby knocks it, it will not cause much harm. Compared with pine, fir is stronger and more resistant.
Considering the cost, time and safety of cribs, pine wood cribs are the most common. In addition, birch, teak, ash, etc. are also good woods. Parents can choose through comprehensive consideration. But pay attention, it is best to look carefully when choosing, to avoid wood knots, especially the load-bearing parts of the bottom, because the wood with wood knots is easy to break.

2. Lacquer
Paint the crib to protect the wood, prevent corrosion, moth and cracking, and extend the service life. Compared with the unpainted wood surface, it is less likely to breed bacteria, which means that as long as the paint is used well, it is definitely beneficial to the crib. Of course, you must choose water-based environmentally friendly paint, also called water-based paint or environmentally friendly paint.

Generally, if the crib smells more pungent, you should be vigilant. You can also ask the seller and read the instructions to understand the paint composition. Even if it is determined to be environmentally friendly paint, the new baby wood bed should be placed in a ventilated place for 3 to 5 days after it is bought.

The crib that has been polished and painted can not only prevent burrs, but also prevent moisture.

3. The structure must be safe
The fence of the newborn baby cot should be fixed and 40-50cm higher than the mattress. If the fence is too low, the baby will fall down easily.

The gap between the fences should not exceed 6 cm. If it is too wide, the baby's head, hands and feet may get stuck in.
The mattress should be tightly integrated with the bed frame, and no gaps should be left to prevent the baby from being stuck or suffocated.
The size of the baby bed should be appropriate. Parents should not buy a crib that is too large for the baby in order to save money and save trouble. If the bed is too large, it will easily make the baby lose the sense of security and sleep well.
The load-bearing capacity must be at least 30kg, otherwise once the bed surface breaks, it will easily hurt the delicate baby and the consequences will be disastrous.

4. Mattress height adjustment
At present, cribs on the market have at least two adjustments. When choosing a crib, parents can check whether they really need it based on the following factors.
① When the baby is small, the mattress should be adjusted a little higher, because the baby can't jump out at this time, but it is convenient for parents to hold it up and feed.

② When the baby is older, lower the mattress to prevent the baby from turning out by himself.

③ When some parents use it, they want to put the baby cot bed and the adult's bed together, all with multiple height adjustments.

5. Anti-bite strip
Anti-bite strips must be present, and don't underestimate the baby's biting ability. If the anti-bite strip is not installed, the baby will chew the paint, which is not good for the baby or the bed.

6. Pulley
Regarding the choice of pulleys, it is recommended to choose a pulley with universal wheel lock and mute.

When the baby is young, always be in the sight of the parents. It is impossible for parents to stay by their children around the clock. Whether they are reading or writing in the study or taking care of the baby in the bedroom, they all need a baby crib bed that can be moved easily.
The lock function is for the safety of the baby, and the crib can be fixed when it is beside the parents. Mute is to prevent the baby from being awakened, after all, coaxing the baby to sleep is a very difficult physical task.

With four universal wheels, you can slide around on the ground. This function is very convenient, but it is best to choose a wheel that can be turned up, so that it is more convenient to switch between different modes.

7. Details
Some details of the crib also need attention. I have compiled some details for your reference:
① Is the surface smooth? Whether it is a bed made of solid wood, metal or other materials, from the bed surface where the baby is asleep, to the fence, or even the parts that are not easily accessible by the baby, touch it once with your hand to see if there are burrs and other damages;

②If there is metal, whether the metal is exposed, is it located in a place that is difficult for the baby to reach.

③ When installing mosquito nets or hanging toys, will there be a risk of entanglement in the baby?

④ After installation, not only check the overall stability, it is best to shake each part one by one to check whether it is firm or not.

⑤ The size of the bed should be appropriate. Parents should not buy a crib that is too large for the baby in order to save money and troubles. If the bed is too large, it will easily make the baby lose the sense of security and sleep well.

⑥ Breathability: The fences on both sides are more breathable, especially in summer, when the breathability is good, it will be more transparent and cool.

Parents should check whether there are any loose, missing or damaged parts of the newborn baby crib when purchasing. For a bed with wheels, check whether it has a braking device and whether the braking device is firm and safe; for a bed that can be rocked, check Whether the connecting parts of the bed are firm. The surface of the crib must have a protective layer to prevent cracks, and you cannot choose a bed with sharp corners and burrs on the surface.