What types of cribs are there? Aug 26, 2021

With the significant improvement in the quality of life, everyone is paying more and more attention to the decoration of children's rooms. No matter how old children are, they need an ideal and healthy living environment. A comfortable children's bed will create an ideal and comfortable living space for children. Today we will introduce to you what types of cribs are there.

  • Standard Crib
  • Kids bunk bed
  • Kids house bed
  • Multifunctionalbaby crib
  • Mini or portable crib
  • Baby bassinet
  • Travel baby cot

Standard crib. It’s sturdy, safe and comfortable, many families choose this type of crib as the first bed for small babies. Some standard cribs can put down all or part of the baffle on one side, so that parents can pick up the baby.

baby wood crib

Kids bunk bed/loft bed. This kind of bed can be deformed because the bed body is assembled and the bed post is removable. When the two beds are stacked together, it is a double bed. If it is not needed, it can be disassembled into two single beds.

wood bunk bed

Kids house bed. The structure of the toddler house bed can provide comfort while still remaining open, light and airy. This kind of bed is very interesting and attractive to children. A child with a house bed may be less likely to resist going to bed.

toddler house bed

Multifunctional baby crib. Multifunctional baby crib means that this bed has multiple functions, which can be converted from a baby bed to a toddler bed, a desk, a play bed or even a full-size bed. The bed body is combined with the storage space to provide ababy bed with storage function. The most obvious benefit of this kind of functionalcrib is that it has a powerful storage function, which can store books used by children, can also be used to store clothes and sundries, and even children's toys. This kind of bed is durable and can be used throughout the process from newborn babies to teenagers.

multifunctional crib

Mini or portable crib. If you don't have a lot of space at home, or you often need to take a crib to go out, you can choose this ultra-saving and easy-to-carry mini crib. But keep in mind that the size of this kind of bed is often small, and it is no longer suitable for babies when they grow up.

mini crib

Baby bassinet. The newborn bassinet is also one of the more preferred options for novice parents. This kind of crib is very suitable for the first few months after the baby is born, and you can easily take care of the baby while you are lying in the bed. Due to its small size, thebaby bassinet is also an excellent solution for parents living in an apartment. This babybassinet does not take up much space and is easy to move between rooms. Somebassinet beds can even swing back and forth to help little babies fall asleep.

baby bassinet

Travel baby cot. If you often take your baby out, you can consider a travel baby cot. The travel crib is not only an ideal choice for your vacation, you can pack it and take it on the plane, but it is also very convenient for short drive trips on weekends. Travel cribs are often very light and usually have a mesh or aluminum structure. Most also come with a storage bag to increase its convenience. The installation of this type of travel crib is very simple and quick.

travel baby cot

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