Top Baby Furniture Manufacturers - The Ultimate Guide Nov 23, 2023

Choosing baby furniture is a crucial process for any parent. More so when issues such as safety, durability, reliability, and even charm are all competing for fair consideration in your list of pros and cons. Unfortunately, the process can get even trickier when one begins to compare the many baby furniture manufacturers available in the global market.

Still, having a clear perspective of what different baby furniture brands offer and the benefits of their product features can go a long way in helping you narrow down your options to a few top contenders.

So, whether you are shopping for a home nursery or planning to stock up your baby supplies shop, here is a detailed guide of top baby furniture manufacturers to help you find the right gems.

Top Baby Crib Manufacturers


Year Established: 1945

Address: Richmond, Canada

Storkcraft covers all the bases when it comes to children's furniture from cribs to nursery seating options. Its crib collection is equally remarkable as it offers something for almost every style preference.

The crib designs are minimalist but still pretty lovely and inviting. Most of them are convertible with as many as 5 conversion options for maximum utility and flexibility. The brand also offers customizable designs if you would like something tailored to suit specific requirements.

The Storkcraft brand has received commendations and approvals from key consumer bodies like PTPA and NAPPA. So, if you are looking for a brand that is tried, tested, and trusted, this one certainly ranks well.


Year Established: 2019

Address: Wilmington, Delaware

The Nurture& brand was born of a parent trying to find safe, stylish, and comfortable furniture items for their baby's nursery. The cribs from this brand are thus undeniably outstanding and the quality of the craftsmanship in each design is top-tier.

The materials are non-toxic and sustainably sourced. The heights of the cribs are adjustable and every unit is convertible into a toddler bed. You also get to select your preferred color for any crib you pick out. All the designs are Sleep Safe approved.


Year Established: 2010

Address: Los Angeles, California

Babyletto is centered around creating pieces that are stylish and parenting-friendly while also providing the best functionality.

All the crib designs are convertible in either 3 or 4 ways. They come with highly user-friendly manuals and conversion kits where necessary. Short on space? Babyletto has your back on that too with the brand's mini crib provisions.

Silva Furniture

Year Established: 1991

Address: South Eastern Europe

If you are hoping for a crib with a touch of sophisticated style, Silva Furniture may be the brand to make your dreams come true. Its cribs are uniquely designed with exquisite finishes and draped in eye-catching colors.

This European brand also prioritizes utility by making its crib units adjustable to 3 different height positions and convertible in 4 ways to accommodate your baby as they grow.

The cribs are all made of hardwood to ensure utmost longevity and safety. All other materials used in Silva Furniture cribs are also rigorously tested and fully accredited for safety.

Craft Children

Year Established: 2001

Address: Hefei, Anhui, China(Mainland)

Craft Children has two categories of crib types, the natural wood baby cribs and the painting baby wood cribs. The natural wood designs all come in woody earth-tone colours while the painting ones are more colourful.

The selection of crib designs from Craft Children is every parent's dream. There are plenty of options in terms of style, size, and utility requirements. Whether you are looking for a convertible crib, a foldable, one, or one with an extendable changing table, this brand has it all.

Top Bassinet Brands

Halo Sleep

Year Established: 1994

Address: Hopkins, Minnesota

The Halo brand was founded by a parent keen on developing safe sleeping solutions after a tragic loss.

This source of inspiration is evident when you look at the innovative bases that keep Halo BassiNests steadily in place as baby naps or plays. The linings of all the bassinet options are also breathable on all sides for proper ventilation.

Different models address different needs such as vibration and white noise which can gently soothe your little one, convenient portability, swiveling for easier movement, or a lowering wall to support safe co-sleeping.

Newton Baby

Year Established: 2014

Address: Lennox Ave, Miami Beach

Newton Baby is renowned for its quality baby crib mattresses. However, the brand has now grown to become a bassinet manufacturer too.

The Newton bassinet prioritizes safety with its fully breathable mattresses and side mesh walls. All its fabric parts are also washable for top hygiene. Structurally, the bassinet base is light enough to move but provides great stability. It is no wonder that it is ranked among the safest bassinets and co-sleepers.

Dream On Me

Year Established: 1988

Address: Somerset, New Jersey

One of the key upsides to the Dream On Me bassinet brand is that it offers a rich assortment of designs. There are bassinet options for easy travel, daytime naps, co-sleeping, and so much more. Most of them are also convertible and designed with easy movement or convenient storage in mind.

Feeling a little vain? Well, you are in luck, the designs are not just utilitarian, they are also adorable.

SNOO (Happiest Baby)

Year Established: 2001

Address: Los Angeles, California

This brand currently offers only one type of bassinet: the SNOO bassinet.

The SNOO bassinet was designed under the stewardship of a certified pediatrician. It uses 100% unintrusive smart technology to detect your baby's movements and sounds. Subsequently, it 'knows' just when to rock baby to soothe them or play some music to calm their fussing.

Other features like its breathable mesh walls, quietly functioning features, and the SNOO app also sweeten the pot and make it a parenting companion worth considering.

Craft Children

Year Established: 2001

Address: Hefei, Anhui, China(Mainland)

Craft Children also has a masterpiece bassinet design that has been perfected to meet most if not all parenting needs.

The structure of the Craft Children bassinet is fairly lightweight, has wheels for easy movement, and is super easy to assemble. It has breathable mesh walls and ample storage at the bottom for baby care products. Each unit also comes with a detachable mosquito net.

Nonetheless, this bassinet brand acknowledges that you may have unique needs. The company, therefore, accepts custom orders.

Best Baby Walker Manufacturers


Year Established: 1986

Address: Stanssad, Germany

Hape baby walkers are colorful and made with engaging bits and bobs to entertain children. They have sturdy yet easy-to-move structures to promote stability as young ones learn to take their first steps. Their safety features like rubber rings on wheels and non-toxic paint are also a major plus.


Year Established: 2005

Address: Dallas, Texas

The products from this baby walker manufacturer have fairly simple designs but have excellent features. The seat materials, for instance, are luggage grade for longevity and safety. They are also detachable and machine washable. All Joovy walker components are also finger-safe and made of BPA-free plastic.

Vtech Kids

Year Established: 1976

Address: Arlington Heights, Illinois/ Hong Kong (HQ)

Vtech baby walkers are unique because they provide a wholesome developmental experience to growing tots.

The famous Vtech Stroll and Discover Activity sit to stand walker, for example, is built to concurrently encourage child mobility and learning. It has a beginner setting for babies just starting to walk and a second setting for more advanced babies.

The activity panel is chock-full of interactive activities that babies can start trying when they sit and still use later as they begin to walk.

A variation of these features is consistent in all Vtech walkers.


Year Established: 2014

Address: Chula Vista, California

InspiraSpark was founded by a well-established pediatrician; Dr. Shannon Davis. The brand is all about providing safe and eco-friendly walkers.

The walker produced by this brand is known as the Little Balance Box. It is made of bamboo and resembles a little table. Its gliding feet allow babies to hold on to it and walk around with adequate support. The feet have springs that regulate the movement of the walker to avoid overly speedy movements that can cause falls.

Small Foot

Year Established: 1988

Address: Northern Germany

Small Foot has warmed its way into parents' hearts across the globe due to the quality, creativity, and safety of its products.

All Small Foot Walkers are made using sustainable wood and come with amazing activity centers for cognitive development. They have rails that babies can hold onto as they attempt to walk and four wheels with rubber rings for proper stability.

Wooden Baby Bed Manufacturers


Year Established: 1998

Address: Georg Jensens Vej 8, DK- 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark

Leander makes wooden baby beds that celebrate Nordic-style decor; they are minimalist but very homey and stylish. They come in four different designs made for children between 0 to 7 years old. The baby beds also have great features like adjustable heights and removable rails that make the bed more accommodating as your baby grows.

Troll Nursery

Year Established: 1994

Address: Smiltene, Latvia

Troll Nursery wooden baby beds are made using birch wood and painted using non-toxic water-based paints. It offers a versatile baby bed selection including:

  • Bedside cribs that can be used as co-sleepers
  • Swinging cot beds
  • Convertible baby-to-toddler beds

This baby wooden bed manufacturer certainly pays attention to detail. It is evident in the smooth finishes of their units and clever accessories like straps for bedside cribs.


Year Established: 2014

Address: ul. Witolda Gombrowicza 1, 62-050 Mosina, Poland

This wooden baby bed brand takes a minimalist approach in its designs too. Its product range comprises:

  • Baby cribs
  • Convertible baby beds
  • Toddler beds
  • Baby beds with roofs

The cribs have bases with adjustable heights so that parents can choose a height that is convenient for them and safe for the baby. The railings are also detachable which becomes essential as babies grow into toddlers.

Mathy By Bols

Year Established: 1987

Address: Chaussée de Roly, 26; 5660 Mariembourg - Belgium

Mathy By Bols has a general collection of baby beds but also offers a selection of creative designs like:

  • Treehouse themed beds
  • Bookcase baby beds
  • Carriage beds
  • Disco lit beds

Nevertheless, you can still get simple, more traditional designs of Mathy By Bol's baby beds or convertible cribs.

The brand uses a mixture of wood materials such as MDF and birch plywood.


Year Established: 1948

Location: ZI Cher du Prat; 23000 GUERET

Sauthon's decades of experience are evident in the diversity of its wooden baby bed designs.

Whether you are looking for a baby bed with storage, a changing table attached, or a toddler bed, the Sauthon catalogue will not fail you.

Notably, this French baby bed manufacturer also factors size and aesthetics into its designs. It offers both compact and generously sized baby beds in an array of colors and designs to match different nursery themes.

Best Bunk Bed Suppliers


Year Established: 2002

Address: Brooklyn, New York

Oeuf prides itself on being a fully sustainable children's lifestyle brand. Its bunk beds are modern, playful, and have very thoughtful functional features.

Currently, this bunk bed supplier offers twin and single bunk bed designs. The structures are quite sturdy and spacious. Their lovely smooth curves are equally a welcome touch as they are safer for children than sharp rigid edges. Each top bunk also has a wall around the bed for extra safety.

West Elm

Year Established: 2002

Address: Brooklyn, New York

West Elm brings out the true fun element of kid bunk beds. Its designs feature combinations of :

  • Twin beds
  • Bed bunks with storage or desks at the bottom.

On the aesthetic end of things, Welm Elm bunk beds come in earth tones and statement colors such as milk-white, grey, and blue. Some units also feature unique touches such as box designs with arches in the bottom bunk.

Raymour & Flanigan

Year Established: 1947

Address: Syracuse, New York

Raymour & Flanigan manufactures a pleasantly diverse collection of bunk beds. Its catalog includes options such as:

  • Twin over full bunk beds
  • Twin over twin
  • Full-over-full bunk beds
  • Full loft beds
  • Twin loft beds
  • Triple and quad bunk beds
  • Wooden bunk beds with stairs

These options are further differentiated by color, ladder position, and various decorative touches. Looking for bunk beds with storage, Raymour & Flanigan make those too.


Year Established: 2006

Address: 35th Ave, Miami, Florida

P'kolino promises tasteful and engaging children's furniture that is easy to assemble. That is a lofty promise for any furniture brand but they seem to manage it just fine.

Its bunk beds are mostly twin-over-twin bed designs. They are made of minimalist natural pine wood planks which is probably why they are easy to assemble. The brand also adds some playfulness to some units by incorporating tree house decorative elements.

Best Kid/Toddler Bed Manufacturers

Delta Children

Year Established: 1968

Address: 114 W 26th St, New York, New York

Delta Children is a household name among American childcare brands. It is renowned for its safe, fairly affordable, and quality products.

The variety of toddler beds made by Delta include:

  • Artistic wood beds
  • Convertible car beds
  • Canopy and tent beds
  • Character beds with designs based on famous child-popular shows and personalities

Delta Children is a sustainable brand and thus uses sustainably sourced pine. Its beds all meet ASTM safety regulations and are Greenguard Certified.


Year Established: 1991

Address: Long Island, New York

Orbelle toddler beds have a royal look about them and may be a crowd-pleaser among children that enjoy prince and princess themes. They have high-brow details like tufted head and foot boards and antique-esque curves that make them stand out.

Admittedly, the selection is not too diverse but what the brand lacks in variety, it makes up for in quantity craftsmanship. Its factory also has a rather quick turnaround time of just 24 to 48 hours.


Year Established: 1982

Address: High Planes Polygon 12500, Vinaròs (Castellón)

Lagrama seeks to meet the needs of toddlers as they transition from being babies and begin to have individual preferences. Subsequently, their toddler beds strike a great balance between the cheer of childhood and elegant colorful style.

The toddler beds are categorized based on their design theme. The themes include:

  • Cottage
  • Trundle and cottage beds
  • Kubox
  • Bunk beds and trains
  • Folding beds


Year Established: 1919

Address: Friuli, North-Eastern Italy

Pali delivers the classy artistic flair associated with Italian products. The workmanship and design detail on its crib to toddler beds are simply outstanding.

Notably, this manufacturer does not exclusively make toddler beds. It makes 'forever cribs' that convert into toddler beds and, later, full-size beds. You can, however, order toddler bed railings with your preferred unit instead of the crib railings and just set up your toddler bed directly.

Baby Lodge

Year Established: 2017

Address: Modena, rua Muro 22, Italy

Baby Lodge manufactures baby furniture guided by four key concepts:

  • Providing independence and safety
  • Sustainability
  • Timeless aesthetics
  • Top-tier quality

The 4-poster toddler Montesorri beds embody these concepts by providing adequate room and stability for toddler comfort. Their bases rest on the floor so there is hardly any risk of a toddler ever falling from their bed.

Best High Chair Suppliers


Year Established: 2019

Address: New York, New York

Lalo may be a relatively new brand in the baby furniture and products scene but it is certainly a brand to watch. It manufactures one of the most popular high chairs known simply as 'The Chair'.

The Chair has a 3-in-1 design that parents can use as a high chair, a booster seat, and eventually a play chair. Its seating area is well-made for utmost comfort and its front restraint is child-friendly but tough enough to bear the weight of a squirming baby.


Year Established: 1932

Address: Norway

Stokke offers a collection of 4 different high chairs. Between them, parents can find an ideal high chair for newborns and toddlers of different ages.

Each of the highchairs is designed with a wide base for maximum stability. Other features like frontal restraints, footrests, easy chair adjustability, and smooth curved finishes also ensure premium child safety.


Year Established: 1991

Address: Van Nuys, California

Munchkin highchairs solve crucial challenges that most parents struggle with after they buy highchairs for babies.

For example, most highchairs do not fold and if they do, it is quite an arduous process to fold and unfold them. The Munchkin collapses for folding at the press of a button and becomes a compact package that is easy to put away.

The Munchkin 360°, on the other hand, has a swivel chair that allows you to turn your baby without ever moving the seat.


Year Established: 1978

Address: San Diego, California

Infantino is a 4-in-1 highchair manufacturer. Its designs can be converted from a typical highchair to a space saver, booster, or toddler chair.

Other components that make this brand's highchairs include:

  • Cozy wipeable seat cushioning
  • Rolling front wheels for easy movement
  • A meal mat that is dishwasher-friendly
  • A reclinable high chair for easier infant feeding

Craft Child

Year Established: 2001

Address: Hefei, Anhui, China(Mainland)

True to its character, Craft Child offers an extensive selection of high feeding chairs. More importantly, each design addresses a specific set of needs such as adjustability, easy movement, or convenience folding.

Further, Craft Child highchair options come in a variety of appealing colors that can be customized alongside other design details. The safety features of these infant highchairs and stability are also all rigorously tested and internationally certified.

Best Baby Bouncer Chair Manufacturers


Year Established: 2003

Address: Los Angeles, California

Ergobaby manufactures a 3-in-1 baby bouncer chair that accommodates babies from infancy until their toddler years. This is made possible by its safe and breathing infant insert and adjustable positioning settings.

This multipurpose baby bouncer chair also offers:

  • Natural rocking movements
  • A fully detachable and machine-washable seat cover
  • Easy folding for portability or convenient storage


Year Established: 2005

Address: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The 4moms brand harnesses technology to create priceless baby care solutions. So much so that it has managed to recreate womb-like motions to soothe babies on their 4moms Mamaroo Baby Swing and the Rockaroo.

The familiar sensations of these motions lull babies to peaceful bliss with ease.

These unique baby bouncer chair variations also provide 5 different types of motion, 5 speeds, and 4 sounds for the ultimate soothing or entertaining experience.


Year Established: 2007

Address: 370 Townsend, San Francisco

Anyone who knows about elite childcare probably knows of the Nuna brand. It is, however, known more for strollers and car seats than baby bouncers.

Still, the brand does not disappoint with its Leaf Grow baby bouncer chairs. They comfortably accommodate babies from infancy to an impressive toddler weight of 60 kilos.

They recline in 3 different positions and have bouncy and swaying movements. The design can also be enhanced with handy accessories like a Nuna canopy or toy bar.

Bloom Baby

Year Established: 2006

Address: New York City, New York

Bloom Baby was founded by a band of dads in search of reliable effective parenting solutions. Their innovation brought forth bouncer options known as Coco Bouncers. The company produces three variations of these bouncer chairs which it recommends for:

  • Lounging
  • Rocking
  • Going I.e travel

Craft Children

Year Established: 2001

Address: Hefei, Anhui, China(Mainland)

A bouncy chair is a great concept by any standard. So, what would say to a baby swing chair with a dining table that calms your baby while allowing you to feed them?

Sounds too good, right? Well, Craft Children manufactures exactly that kind of baby swing chair. Its collection also includes:

  • A trendy electric baby bouncer for newborn
  • An electric baby swing and bouncer chair with a mesh canopy

If nothing else, the innovative functions of these bouncer chairs put Craft Children a huge step ahead of other manufacturers in this product line.

To Sum it Up

There are certainly no shortages of amazing baby furniture brands and manufacturers. Your choice, subsequently, then comes down to key factors like quality, innovation, and whether you can trust the manufacturer to deliver what you need on time and at a fair price.

On the other hand, Craft Children offers immense product variety, efficiency, customization options, and friendly wholesale prices. So, as far as choices go, why look elsewhere when you can find it all in one brand?

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