How to choose best chair for baby? Feb 03, 2021
If parents want to free your hands and develop a good dining habit for your baby, then baby dining chair is definitely indispensable.
baby dining chair
The role of baby dining chair:

1. Usually the baby can slowly add supplementary food in June. At this time, the baby's spine is still very fragile and cannot sit for a long time. Choosing a dining chair that can adjust the semi-recumbent can not only protect the baby's spine, but also quickly help the baby transition from exclusive breast milk to the complementary feeding stage.

2. Help the baby develop the habit of sitting in the dining chair to eat, let him know that it is time to eat when sitting in the dining chair, and do not play while eating, help the baby to distinguish the boundary between play and eating

3. The baby sits in the dining chair, the body is controlled, more concentration will be put on food, and the baby will become more and more interested in eating.

Introduction to the types of common newborn dining chairs

1. Divided according to material: metal or plastic children's dining chair, wooden children's dining chair
At present, most baby dining chairs on the market are made of metal or plastic materials, and most of them are basic high chair designs. The bracket part of the dining chair will use metal material, while the seat and tray are usually made of plastic material. The price of this kind of children's dining chair is generally lower than that of pure wooden baby dining chair, and the weight is relatively lighter, and it is also very convenient to fold and store.

Wooden baby high chairs often use pure wood, which looks very tall in appearance, and the price will naturally be higher. One of the biggest advantages of wooden baby eating chairs is that they are very durable. Some brands of wooden children's dining chairs can also be converted into children's seats.

2. Divided according to function: full-function children dining chair, portable children dining chair
The full-function children dining chair is also the high chair we often say. It usually has wheels, detachable trays, and adjustable height and inclination seats. This kind of dining chair for baby is more suitable for use at home.

The portable children dining chair is more suitable for traveling or taking your baby to a restaurant for dinner. It saves more space than ordinary high chairs, and can be easily folded and placed in the trunk of the car or directly on the body. There is also a portable children dining chair with its own hook, which can be hooked on the dining table or tied to an ordinary chair, saving space to the utmost.

Precautions for choosing children's dining chairs

Before purchasing children's dining chairs, we mainly consider the following aspects:

1. Safety is considered from the aspects of material and stability. Choose a stable and wide base. The bottom material should be non-slip, and it can be locked if required by wheels. If it is wooden, it must be free of burrs. If it is a plastic product, non-toxic plastic should be selected, and it will not deform after washing in hot water. Equipped with protection devices. Choose seat belts and guards, and the safety buckle must be firm. Choose food-grade plates and cutlery. Babies like to bite when they are teething. Food grade is the world's recognized safety standard for making food containers. It does not contain BPA. This is widely used in baby bottles and tableware. It is lightweight and durable.

2. The baby's sense of experience is also very important. A suitable newborn dining chair can also protect the baby's spine development. As the weight increases with age, the requirements for the baby feeding chair are different. You need to pay attention to the following issues: the seat belt can be adjusted tightly and the seat height can be adjusted to match the baby's growth. With pedals, it will be uncomfortable to hang your legs for too long, and the back of the chair can be adjusted to meet the multi-functions of sitting and lying. The seat should have enough space for movement.

3. There are two aspects to practicality, the first is whether it is clean. Some babies are more active, and the rice grains will fall everywhere, so mothers should also consider the following points when choosing a seat: the seat cushion is oil-proof, easy to scrub, and do not choose a seat with too many slits. Otherwise, the rice grains will fall in the seam and it will be difficult to clean, and there will be a risk of mildew.

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