2021 the launching ceremony of the 8th Orange Heart Camp Mar 18, 2021
Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd.

A few days ago, our company Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd. and other companies participated in the launching ceremony of the 8th Orange Heart Camp and held a very exciting Floor curling competition together. Curling is an interesting development activity that not only inspires everyone's spirit of unity and cooperation for victory, but also enhances the feelings between colleagues.

Activity Time: 2021.03.12
Event Venue: Xinwencai Exhibition Hotel

Floor Curling is a game that combines collective strength and intelligence through teamwork. It is also a sport that requires individual skills and team tactics. The rules of the competition are the same as curling. It is a sport suitable for all people to participate in. It is suitable for people of all ages and different abilities. In this game, we played very happily, and finally won the second place.

Floor Curling Rules:
1.  Each team has 8 curling balls, and the two sides use alternate pitching for the game;
2.  The division of labor for each team member: at least 8 pot pitchers;
3.  Each round is subject to 5 rounds of the two sides. In the end, the points obtained in the 5 rounds will be used as the evaluation criterion;
4.  In each round, both sides use the guessing method to determine the attacker and the defender;
5.  At the round base, you can have your own player's benchmarking to guide the pitcher to throw the pot, but no one can touch the pot during the journey, and if there is any touch, the pot is considered out of bounds;
6.  The pot thrower must throw the pot over the defensive line or the pot is exactly on the defensive line as valid, otherwise the pot is deemed out of the game;
7. The pitcher must throw the pot after the pitching line;

Floor curling competition process
Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd.

Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd.

Hefei Craft Child Product Co.,Ltd.

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